A cute girl chose a red balloon that almost winked at herself among the balloons. With the balloon in his hand, he was walking happily and playing with it. Somehow, the flying balloon escaped from his grasp. Even though Beste was sad because his balloon escaped from his hand, he liked the fact that his balloon was floating in the sky. Other children were pointing at the balloon with their fingers and laughing happily. The bubble is gone, the creek is gone, the hill is flat. He came to a village flying by watching the houses, balconies, roofs, seas, mountains, hills and landscapes. It is stuck on the branch of a huge tree in the garden, inside which is a small but cute house. At that time, a cute little girl named Sevim, who was looking out the window, caught a red thing on the tree. But he could not understand what was among the leaves. At first she thought it was a huge apple. But how could such a big apple stay on a tree? He immediately called to his mother and they went together t